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Prof. Luigi Palopoli

Dipartimento di Informatica, Modellistica, Elettronica e Sistemistica
UniversitÓ degli Studi della Calabria
via P.Bucci, Cubo 41C,
87036 Rende (CS), Italy
Office: +39 0984 494749
Fax: +39 0984 494713
Email: palopoli@dimes.unical.it


  • Full professor of computer engineering at DIMES (formerly DEIS), UniversitÓ della Calabria since 2003
  • Member of the Board of Governors, UniversitÓ della Calabria since 2013
  • Research associate with ICAR-CNR since 2004
  • Vice-Dean of the Shool Engineering (2009-2012)
  • Director of the PhD program in Systems and Computer Engineering (2009-2012)
  • Co-founder and member of the board of directors (2003-2013) of Exeura, a spin-off company of the UniversitÓ della Calabria operating in the area of Knowledge Management
  • Previous positions: Assistant professor (1991-1998) and associate professor (1998-2000) at DEIS; full professor at DIMET, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Reggio Calabria (2000-2003)
  • Visiting scholar at: UCLA (Los Angeles, USA); AT&T Laboratories (Murray Hills, USA); Oxford University (Oxford, UK); Technical University of Wien (Wien, Austria)

A more detailed CV can be downloaded here (.pdf) (updated June 2012)
Il CV è anche disponibile in lingua italiana (.pdf) (aggiornato a Febbraio 2013)

Research interests

My research interests are in the areas of information systems and databases, data mining, artificial intelligence and knowledge representation, agents, game theory, bioinformatics.
My (reasonably updated) publication list can be accessed on this site by downloading my CV using the link displayed above.
An alternative partial public list can be also displayed from the DBLP bibliography server

Research group

I coordinate a research group dealing with the themes mentioned above and including:
  • Francesco Scarcello, associate professor
  • Fabrizio Angiulli, associate professor
  • Fabio Fassetti, assistant professor
  • Enrico Malizia, post-doc
My past and current students include, besides Fabrizio, Fabio and Enrico listed above, also:
  • Domenico Ursino, currently associate professor at DIMET UniversitÓ "Mediterranea" di Reggio Calabria.
  • Giovambattista Ianni, currently associate professor at the Math Dept., UniversitÓ della Calabria.
  • Giorgio Terracina, currently associate professor at the Math Dept., UniversitÓ della Calabria.
  • Simona Rombo, currently assistant professor at University of Palermo
  • Alfredo Garro, currently associate professor at DEIS for the School of Economics, UniversitÓ della Calabria.
  • Valeria Fionda, currently assistant professor at University of Bozen
  • Alessia Amelio, currently post-doc at ICAR-CNR

Boards and committees

Associate Editor for "Knowledgebases and Ontologies" for the European J. on Artificial Intelligence (AI Communications).

Reviewer of published literature for Zentralblatt MATH and AMS- Mathematical Reviews.

Program commitee member of many conferences, recently AAAI 2011, IAT 2011 and ASTUC 2011, ECAI 2012.

Guest editor of a forthcoming special issue of JCSS on Knowledge representation and reasoning. The issue is dedicated to the memory of my friend Marco Cadoli. The editor's foreword I have written for the issue can be read here

Teaching (in Italian)

Other stuffs

My Erdos number is 3 (Erdos -> Magidor -> Ben-Eliyahu-Zohary-> Luigi)



  • Aggiornamento del 7 febbraio 2013:
    • all'indirizzo Project AI sono state pubblicate le note esplicative relative alla consegna ed alla discussione dei progetti di Intelligenza Artificiale.


  • Calcolatori Elettronici (DM 270, DM 509)